Indie Room

by Roadatlas

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The semi-fictional story of Russell's brief encounter in a Sheffield night club. We've been playing this for two years and he still hasn't gotten that jumper back.


Capo 3
137 bpm
Am C
The bass cuts through to you driving your body
G D(?)
The lights down sound up the lasers cut through you
Lost in fog of sweat and perfume
To the Arctic Monkeys our lips sync ‘cross the room

Dancing over to you, screaming with passion
We recite every line, like it’s gone out of fashion
From the depths of your lungs you scream out the lyrics
Stamp my feet to the beat as the drummer I mimic

Am C
Night’s a haze
The speakers blasting out and all that remains
Field of view
Is gone and all that's left is me and you

Main riff - A C D E, D, E D C A
Mid-chorus DCAGAFED run after ‘haze’
We rocked hard to the small hours of the night,
Friends went home but we don't care cause something here feels right,
Stepped out onto the street though I can’t remember when
You shiver in the night air, probably 3 or 4 AM

I offered you my jumper as the sounds began to fade
And teasingly you smile, say “we’ll have to make a trade”
That kiss under street lights, my heart jumped out my chest
You handed me, crumpled piece of paper, into my hands you pressed
The next morning I roll out of bed
Aches and pains, memories and ringing round my head
Searching frantically, scrambling all around
Looking up looking down on the table on the ground

When I finally realised it, i could not believe
Dumbest thing I've ever done; and there’s quite a list for me to choose from
You see later that night when I gave you my jumper,
In the pocket was the crumpled piece of paper with your number on it
So now if you're listening to this on a bus or train,
Or you've stepped in to this pub just to get out of the rain,l
I beg ya, come up and find me after this track,
(Spoken) "Cause I'd really like to see ya, and I’d kinda like my jumper back”


released March 5, 2016
Russell - Guitar, Vocals
Niall - Saxophone

Artwork is based on a photo originally taken by Atomic Taco (see his work here under the Creative Commons license. As such, the same license ( applies to the artwork for this single.



all rights reserved


Roadatlas Sheffield, UK

Weird folk-ass stuff with a saxophone. Have a good time. Watch our youtube series. Tyvm

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