These Aren't My Pants

by Roadatlas

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The musical equivalent of the duck-billed platypus. Only took us two years to make.


released February 29, 2016

Russell - Guitar, Vocals
Niall - Saxophone



all rights reserved


Roadatlas Sheffield, UK

Weird folk-ass stuff with a saxophone. Have a good time. Watch our youtube series. Tyvm

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Track Name: Schleeds
Verse 1
He was just a guy no one had heard of
he played guitar and he formed a band
He stood in crowds and stared up at the Acts
playing where he wished that he could stand

He volunteered at a festival and
A guard to let him stand up on stage
Imagined crowds unfold beneath him
His heart raced within his ribcage

That guard said something that ran deep
And to this day in his head it still repeats
And it seemed real enough to him
(When )crowds roared (in) silent unison
They said:

Chorus (Am)
F G Am
Nothing else matters, no not in the end
F G Am
But the things you've experienced and the time you expend
F G Am
On the things that you dream of, (the things you) on what you long for
F G Am
Or live in regret, a heart gone to war

Still a guy no one had heard of
Practiced every day and night
He busked on freezing high-street corners
Shivering in the morning light

And though he sang with all his passion
Barely made his bus fare home
His energy waned through the winter
As his heart began to slow

One evening as he packed away
Counted pennies gathered from that day
An old man with his (walked up) guitar in hand
And explained how he’d stuck to his plans
He said:


The old man with his guitar
Living life the way he planned
Walked through the winter mist and
From a pub heard an indie folk band

Stepped inside to take a listen
And just get out of the cold
Recognised a face from years back
A kid that he had once consoled

There eyes met with a knowing smile
so he stayed and listened for a while
As he reached the chorus of the song
The old man sang the words along
They said:

Track Name: Indie Room
Capo 3
137 bpm
Am C
The bass cuts through to you driving your body
G D(?)
The lights down sound up the lasers cut through you
Lost in fog of sweat and perfume
To the Arctic Monkeys our lips sync ‘cross the room

Dancing over to you, screaming with passion
We recite every line, like it’s gone out of fashion
From the depths of your lungs you scream out the lyrics
Stamp my feet to the beat as the drummer I mimic

Am C
Night’s a haze
The speakers blasting out and all that remains
Field of view
Is gone and all that's left is me and you

Main riff - A C D E, D, E D C A
Mid-chorus DCAGAFED run after ‘haze’
We rocked hard to the small hours of the night,
Friends went home but we don't care cause something here feels right,
Stepped out onto the street though I can’t remember when
You shiver in the night air, probably 3 or 4 AM

I offered you my jumper as the sounds began to fade
And teasingly you smile, say “we’ll have to make a trade”
That kiss under street lights, my heart jumped out my chest
You handed me, crumpled piece of paper, into my hands you pressed
The next morning I roll out of bed
Aches and pains, memories and ringing round my head
Searching frantically, scrambling all around
Looking up looking down on the table on the ground

When I finally realised it, i could not believe
Dumbest thing I've ever done; and there’s quite a list for me to choose from
You see later that night when I gave you my jumper,
In the pocket was the crumpled piece of paper with your number on it
So now if you're listening to this on a bus or train,
Or you've stepped in to this pub just to get out of the rain,l
I beg ya, come up and find me after this track,
(Spoken) "Cause I'd really like to see ya, and I’d kinda like my jumper back”
Track Name: Regret
Capo5 in c

When I look over my shoulder at the git I was last week
I’ve done so many stupid things I don’t know how I sleep
And I thank God that I’m a wiser man than who I was back then
And then I let my guard down and the cycle starts again

Of all the many memories of which I am not proud
The worst when I was silent when I should have spoken out
I’d like to think that stood there now the right choice would be plain
Now I know scuffs and bruises would heal faster than the shame

And I’ll sing oh
The cycle starts again
As we sing oh
As we sing through the pain
And we sing oh
As we run this old tape down from the top,
And we’ll continue this until we drop

United in this stance of stubbornness
Cause next time will be different to this

I’d guess there’s not a person who has nothing to regret
It’s also pretty common that we’d rather just forget
All those awful things we did and said in years that been and gone
But we’ve only got those memories to keep us growing on

Understand you’re not that different to you of years gone by
You’re likely just as capable of messing up your life,
Of callousness and cowardice and other nasty ways
You cringe as you remember looking back in later days
Track Name: Honest
Capo 3 (F#m)
Verse 1
Em C
Let me just be honest for a moment
All these years I’ve grown to love the way you smile
Eyes cast to the floor, you leave me frozen
Sheepishly, if only for a while
If you let me speak out my mind
I’ve a hope that you’ll be glad you heard me out
Em C D G D/F#
I don’t find it easy to be heartfelt, love
Em C G D Em
But it’s easier when you are not around

C Em
Cause I’ve got this inkling you could be
C G D/F# Em
What gets me up next morning, all of it that I might need
C Em
Yeah I’ve got this feeling you could be
C D G D/F# Em
The first step on this climb from where I am to where I want to be


Verse 2
That day I saw you standing by the roadside
Your eyes were distant, focused on the stars
I tried to take your hand but I was fearful
I tried to speak but words were not my art
I heard from a friend that you were leaving
On the last few breaths of spring you blew away
You left me here with only silence in my heart
You left me here with nothing else to say
Track Name: Whole Lotta Hot Air
No Capo

I can hear the boiler groaning as it fights against the cold
As the windows crack the shivering has reached into my soul
I remember all those winter nights we spent sat here by the fire
Am B
Reading Hemingway, (with) one eye firmly on the pyre

And what we found in those pages seems so hollow lost and gone
I’m searching for meaning there but it no longer can belong
Done my best to forget you and I would if I had the choice,
but I can’t read anything profound (these days) without hearing your voice

Em G D
Burning all the books I owe to your ghost
Heart or heat, dare not decide (I do not know) which I need the most
Burning all the books, choking through the smoke
Spitting sparks and ash and flames, it sounded like you spoke

Now the wind is howling and my eyes are fixed upon the flames
Ground beneath me rumbles as the windows rattle in their panes
(Your) Voice is calling louder as I step towards the blinding light
Gaze intensifies as my memories of you ignite

Pages pop and crackle as you chuckle struggles from the hearth
Silently you shriek and shout, from in the flames I hear your laugh
Solitary things I knew, the sounds that filled those winter nights
Splutter upwards from the grate to set my frostbit soul alight

Heart grows weak as the flames spread towards me as you burn my skin
Rising up towards the ceiling you engulf me from within
Spreading ‘cross the floor as the supports weaken beneath my feet
Life is caving inwards as the ceiling buckles from the heat

Joists have cracked above my head as the smoke slips into my lungs
Still I stand transfixed unmoved though something in me screams to run
I can’t leave your voice here now cause I’ve not heard it in so long
As the house comes tumbling down, stood fast stairing on
Track Name: Sorry For Yourself
(Capo 3)
(Verse 1)
G D/F#
you're looking so sorry for yourself
Em D
slumped in that chair, well to be honest I’m quite worried for your health
cause those drinks that you keep buying, well they just keep disappearing
to fill that hole that you’ve been digging for yourself

(Verse 2)
So you’re telling me you used to know a girl
with bright blue sparkling eyes and in her hair she wore a feather and a curl
you told us how you were meant for each other and you thought that you might just
love her
but away the ocean took her in its swirl

Em C
And your answer seems to be,
G D/F#
to find stranger’s ear too polite to flee,
​Em C
and for 5 years you’ve got drunk alone
​G D/F#
waiting for a message on your telephone
​C D Em
seems to me you’ve got to realise that she’s gone
seems to me the problem’s far closer to home

(Verse 3)
now you’re getting up and putting on your coat
a ship without direction doing anything just to stay afloat
you’ve drowned all your sorrow and used up all that you could borrow
to try to shake the pain that’s got you by the throat.

(Verse 4)
so walking home late at night
beneath tower bridge there was commotion and a swarm of flashing lights
how easy would it be, for you to float away to sea
caus i could see that you were giving up the fight

(Chorus 2)
So the question seems to be
have you made your mind up finally
have you decided you can’t go on alone
has the sorrow made its way into your bones
seems to me you’ve got to realise that there’s more
appreciate what you're fighting for
learn to fly before you hit the floor
Until one day you’ll meet here on that shore.
Track Name: Take Me Back To The Fifties
Capo 3
Verse 1
So take me back to the ‘50s
Take me back to a ballroom dance tonight
Because all of these love stories
Need beer to the brim just to ignite
Where has all the innocence gone
all about one thing where did we all go so wrong
Am D (break)
constant battle left for us to fight
All drunken shapes, no hint of romance left in sight

F C G Am
so take my hand, and dance with me
I'm so nervous I can hardly see
But now I'm here I'm just so glad i came
Altho I’m petrified and my knees are weak,
When i asked you to dance i could hardly speak,
but just for now we’ll dance by candle’s flames

Verse 2
I’d rather be in the fifties
I’d rather be in those older-fashioned days
Isn’t it such a pity
that things have not turned out in the same way
You’re defensive and that’s okay
but I don’t bite no need to run away
I’ve no pretensions i just want to dance with you
You know I’d kill for a chance to start anew


Am F D G
Get in late, filled with shame, hug the bowl, clog the drain,
make regrets, spinning head, like a kid filled with dread ( you only one here to blame)
Every night is the night that i think it could be
The night that i find the right person i could call my own
But all i ended up with was just hurt and alone
Every night i peel my self worth from wrapped round a tree

You’re defensive and that’s okay
but I don’t bite no need to run away
I’ve no pretensions i just want to dance with you (don’t want anything more)
Cause i think you're pretty and i kinda like you
Track Name: Darkness
125 bpm
Capo 3
Am. F. C. G.
Verse 1
I've been to the bottom of the deep blue sea
not afraid of you, not afraid of what you need of me
I've climb to the highest of the peaks
Muscles stretched and sinews creaked

Yet i'll still stand here by your side
Your darkness i will hide
Just to stand there by your side
My undying love i can not hide

Verse 2
So when right and wrong begin to blur
And your darkened thoughts you can't deter
through days and nights have turned to weeks
the dark and light will lapse and leak



Em. Am. F. C. G.
every creak sets the fear in me alight
paranoia, flashing lights
empty days and sleepless nights
torn between fight or flight

so when you're cold and feet are numb
when everything is said and done
And on our deathbed we will lie
And your darkest deeds with me will die

Chorus/ Outro
My undying love you can't deny
Your darkness spreads to me
And now its all that i can see
Yet i'll still stand here by your side
As the cold reaches further inside
Your darkness spreads to me
And now its all that i can see