by Roadatlas

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Our first released track, recorded in Russell's bedroom. Also the first in our youtube web series!


Verse 1
He was just a guy no one had heard of
he played guitar and he formed a band
He stood in crowds and stared up at the Acts
playing where he wished that he could stand

He volunteered at a festival and
A guard to let him stand up on stage
Imagined crowds unfold beneath him
His heart raced within his ribcage

That guard said something that ran deep
And to this day in his head it still repeats
And it seemed real enough to him
(When )crowds roared (in) silent unison
They said:

Chorus (Am)
F G Am
Nothing else matters, no not in the end
F G Am
But the things you've experienced and the time you expend
F G Am
On the things that you dream of, (the things you) on what you long for
F G Am
Or live in regret, a heart gone to war

Still a guy no one had heard of
Practiced every day and night
He busked on freezing high-street corners
Shivering in the morning light

And though he sang with all his passion
Barely made his bus fare home
His energy waned through the winter
As his heart began to slow

One evening as he packed away
Counted pennies gathered from that day
An old man with his (walked up) guitar in hand
And explained how he’d stuck to his plans
He said:


The old man with his guitar
Living life the way he planned
Walked through the winter mist and
From a pub heard an indie folk band

Stepped inside to take a listen
And just get out of the cold
Recognised a face from years back
A kid that he had once consoled

There eyes met with a knowing smile
so he stayed and listened for a while
As he reached the chorus of the song
The old man sang the words along
They said:



released February 16, 2016
Russell - Guitar/Vocals
Niall - Saxophone



all rights reserved


Roadatlas Sheffield, UK

Weird folk-ass stuff with a saxophone. Have a good time. Watch our youtube series. Tyvm

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